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Hand crafted, custom designed travel itineraries to some of the worlds most unique and amazing destinations.
Private Tour
Discover Morocco’s rich mix of Berber and Arab culture on our 15 day independent itinerary that includes visits to Meknes, Fes, Merzouga, Marrakech and more with your own private driver/guide.
Private Tour
Even in the space of a week, there is so much in Rome to inspire and entertain history buffs, foodies, adventure lovers and observers alike. Staff member Helen Fuge has been living in Rome for 4 years and is continually discovering new and exciting places to share with you in this exciting city.
Private Tour
Japan is a land of deep history, unique cuisine and art style, all contained within a small land mass with diverse topography. Sample private itinerary for individuals or groups.
Private Tour
Travel in the Footsteps of Wilfred Thesiger, from the gorgeous beaches of the Indian Ocean, though craggy mountains and inland to the sands of the Empty Quarter. Sample of our private itinerary for individuals of groups.


Each of our tours has been designed by us. Our staff and selected tour guides have personal experience that is not learnt from a book.

What You Get

An experience that combines adventure, visual and cultural engagement, together with history of place.