Expedition Cruising


Expedition CruisING

Looking for something a little different?  Discover nature’s unspoilt beauty in the most remote regions of our planet.   

Group Tour
Siberia’s eastern coastline is undoubtedly one of the most remote and least visited regions of the globe. It is home to several groups of indigenous people, including the Itelmen, Koryak, Even and Chukchi. Ask us about future dates.

Why Expedition Cruising?

Expedition cruising offers travellers (not tourists!) the opportunity to go where few have been before, and experience wilderness, wildlife and cultures in a genuine and responsible way

  • Expedition cruise ships are smaller vessels, designed to navigate areas inaccessible to larger ships.
  • Staff are teachers & interpreters, not entertainers

Heritage ExpeditionS

For the complete list of expeditions, dates, pricing and facilities, please read the latest brochure from our expedition cruising provider –  Heritage Expeditions.