River Cruises

Slow down, Take in the Views!

Relaxed-cruising along some of the world’s most beautiful rivers and fijords gives you a  different perspective on places, even those you thought you knew!

Rivers are often described as being, ‘Rivers Of Life’. Indeed, they are. Water is the core ingredient for all life, therefore communities grew along rivers. 

Rivers provide easy transport for large loads and in many places have become transport highways. However there is still plenty of life along these rivers and much for travellers to discover as they meander through countries and cultures.

Unlike great expanses of ocean, the life along the banks of rivers is easily observed on a daily basis.  

Widths fluctuate on most rivers, but rarely to the point where you can’t see anything. Most of the time you are close to the history, scenery and nature, that is passing by.

Group Tour
Relax and take in the sights, sounds, food and culture on Russia’s most popular River cruise. This itinerary is also offered in the opposite direction from Saint Petersburg to Moscow.
Group Tour
The cruise along the Lena River to Tiksi explores Yakutia’s nature, history and indigenous peoples’ lifestyle and traditions. We cross the Arctic Circle and visit Tiksi, the most northern settlement of Yakutia.

Why River Cruising?

River cruising does not have the turbulence of ocean cruising, but stills offers a level of comfort and ambience.


Our staff have clocked up many hours of “river time” on various waterways around the world.